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CubeZ Game

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New Website
August 27, 2014
Published by: imaekgames

Head on over to to see our new website! It’s pretty fresh, so expect some more updates to it soon, and frequent blog posts..more frequent than it has been :)

Quick Update
August 22, 2014
Published by: imaekgames

We’ve finally figured out our build problems after a few grueling weeks of building and rebuilding, editor play crashes and terrain struggles. We may document the problems we were having to help others, but the good thing is that we’re back on track.

We’ve decided to use World Machine for our terrain generation. I just picked up the Standard Version yesterday for $99; I highly recommend if you desire an excellent terrain to work from and skip weeks of unnatural terraforming by hand. You can also generate a splat map in WM as well, for simple texture placing to skip more weeks of terrain painting. A few simple nodes can get you very desirable results. There’s a free non-commercial demo available if you want to check it out. World Machine

Our character is going to go through a third redesign soon, I’ve just been searching for a suitable rig so we can retarget animation easily to it in Unreal Engine 4. I’m hoping to either use mocap animation or create our own with some of the new VR tech that’s come out recently. The reason being is that the character currently has baby proportions or even chimp-like proportions, which was funny at first but I want to go with better human proportions which I believe will give an even more enjoyable experience as well as easier to create assets for the character, and also needed for better animations.

Our game design doc for Alpha X [Steam release] is really looking great. We have vehicle customization, weapon customization, camps[friendly land plot grouping], energy generation by solar panels and storage with batteries, and a few other plans to really set CubeZ apart from other recent survival games.

And just to clear the water so there’s no confusion with anyone, we have been in development since DayZ was only a mod and also Greenlit before Unturned. Both games of which we love and have played and enjoyed. Some have compared our game to both, but we have a lot of mechanics that set CubeZ apart, the major ones being “destroy the brain to kill” and fully destructible characters. We’re gravitating away from hardcore survival as well and attempting to make it feel more arcade-like. A survival game that is fast paced

We also plan to start posting to this blog a lot more in the near future. A lot more involved dev blogging.

Thanks for reading and your support!


Indie Impression by RockLeeSmile
January 13, 2014
Published by: imaekgames

From RockLeeSmile’s blog, Indie Impression:

“Today we’re going to have a look at the alpha version of an upcoming FPS zombie survival game called CubeZ by developer Imaekgames. I’m not usually one to do a lot of FPS style games… and even less so with regard to zombies, but I felt this one does a lot of things right – especially since it’s still in alpha and seems like it could definitely move in a good direction going forward. Check out CubeZ for free in your browser at the link below.”

CubeZ Alpha 2 Update
January 10, 2014
Published by: imaekgames

- Added Single Player mode
- Added Fullscreen mode, press “K”
- Menu ingame is now “P”
- Reintroduced animations
- Added melee animation
- Added aiming animation for multiplayer
- Added Floating Island level (SingleP, coming to MultiP soon)
- Changes and fixes to weapon system – No more gun jamming hopefully
- FPS camera adjustment
- Player slope sliding fix
- Network bug fixes
- GUI fixes
..and more

Floating Island
Floating Island

You can play at:

We have more big updates in the works currently with an avatar customization system and user accounts.

Customization Tent
Early look at our customization room