New Website

We’ve changed up the website a little, expect more changes soon. We’re shifting our development strategy and a lot of other things. We’ll keep you posted. For now here’s a screen shot of a single story house and apartment building to be expected in CubeZ open planet survival mode.

Also if you’re trying to get to the forums from this site, it’s the last icon above ^^


Indie Impression by RockLeeSmile

From RockLeeSmile’s blog, Indie Impression:

“Today we’re going to have a look at the alpha version of an upcoming FPS zombie survival game called CubeZ by developer Imaekgames. I’m not usually one to do a lot of FPS style games… and even less so with regard to zombies, but I felt this one does a lot of things right – especially since it’s still in alpha and seems like it could definitely move in a good direction going forward. Check out CubeZ for free in your browser at the link below.”

CubeZ Alpha 2 Update

- Added Single Player mode
- Added Fullscreen mode, press “K”
- Menu ingame is now “P”
- Reintroduced animations
- Added melee animation
- Added aiming animation for multiplayer
- Added Floating Island level (SingleP, coming to MultiP soon)
- Changes and fixes to weapon system – No more gun jamming hopefully
- FPS camera adjustment
- Player slope sliding fix
- Network bug fixes
- GUI fixes
..and more

Floating Island

Floating Island

You can play at:

We have more big updates in the works currently with an avatar customization system and user accounts.

Customization Tent

Early look at our customization room